Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ptolemy Mann, Ruthin Craft Centre

There is a truly sumptuous feast for the eyes exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre which will be closing on the 15th January, so I urge you to go see this wonderful celebration of Ptolemy Mann's work in the primary gallery space whilst you can.

Ptolemy is one of the leading woven textile artists working in the UK at the moment, renowned for her ikat colour satuated artworks which adorn the walls of numerous public and private spaces. In recent times she has developed her signature style into digital prints which have opened up a whole new commercial avenue for her to exploit.  The exhibition presents these digital prints as fabric lengths, garments, furniture upholstery and cushions, alongside her handwoven ikats, and also her rug collaborations with Christopher Farr.  There are also some framed prints of her architectural colour facade designs.

Woven rugs on wall and floor - a collaboration with Christopher Farr

New hand dyed & handwoven ikats stretched over circular frames

I covet this sofa by Kristian Stringer upholstered in jacquard woven ikat effect fabric by Ptolemy

Detail of tufted rug
If you can't manage to visit Ruthin to see the show, you can order a catalogue direct from the gallery.

These pictures are all from Ptolemy's blog 'Significant Colour' which she started writing last year. Its a fantastic blog which I thoroughly recommend subscribing to.  She is generous in sharing her inspirations, preoccupations and thoughts about her all consuming passion for colour in all its guises.

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