Monday, January 30, 2012

New publications...

I'm delighted to share with you details of two new books that are about to be published all about weaving.  Margo Selby is having a book launch at her gallery shop this coming Thursday 2nd Feb to celebrate her first publication, 'Contemporary Weaving Patterns'. You can buy also buy it direct from her website.  The book presents 150 weave patterns for you to follow or adapt which can be woven on a 4 or 8 shaft loom, and knowing Margo's approach, the book will be a riot of colour, texture and intelligent structural ideas.

Later this spring (exact date to be confirmed) will see the publication of Dr Jessica Hemmings latest book dedicated to presenting the latest woven textile developments in fashion, art and interiors. The impetus for this book stemmed from the warp+weft symposium which Jessica hosted at the National Wool Museum. Throughout the day, it was clear that there is such a thirst for information and celebration of woven textiles, which has been somewhat neglected by the publishing industry for some time. 

But now we two very different, high quality books published within months of each other celebrating weaving from the practical and theoretical points of view, and I can't wait to get my hands on copies! Make sure you get yours too...... if these books are successful, there will be follow-ups......

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

João Bruno Videira

Once again a favourite blog has directed me towards a wonderful new name (to me) in the world of textiles. João Bruno Videira is a yarn artist based in Portugal, and I'm loving his contemporary twist on woven furniture structures in vivid, graphic colour palettes.....

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dashing Tweeds

Dashing Tweeds are one of my very favourite weave companies.  I'm the proud owner of one of their Luma Twill flat caps which I adore wearing. When the day comes that I get lucky with a lottery win, one of my first purchases will a bespoke tailored coat in one of their fabrics.....

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that they've recently redesigned and relaunched their website, which quite frankly, has me all of a quiver :-)  One of their recent collaborations which I'm really excited about was with Converse - I'm now seriously coveting these wonderful shoes:

The Weave Shed

I am SO delighted that The Weave Shed, a much-needed and invaluable resource for weavers was launched last year. It has a fantastic listings resource for suppliers, commission weavers, publications, and weave artists/designers. Everything a weaver needs all in one place - brilliant! Go check it out and bookmark it!

Fran White, The Linen Shop

I have long admired the elegant, refined work of Fran White, an accomplished linen handweaver who  moved into the commercial production of exquisite linen fabrics that can be bought by the metre. She trades under the name The Linen Shop, and believe me, if you are ever in Sussex, you must visit her idyllic showroom. The handle of her fabrics is absolutely wonderful, and you can clearly see the handweavers eye for detail coming through in these power loom woven textiles.

Having just checked out her website, I can see that she's got a very generous and tempting January sale on at the moment.... how could you possibly resist?!

The amazing showroom!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Open studio and sale, 21/22nd Jan

Hope you can forgive the self promotion, but I'm holding an Open Studio and Sale this coming weekend to celebrate moving to the Model House Craft & Design Centre in Llantrisant, South Wales. I'll be demonstrating weaving on my 24 shaft AVL floor loom, and I'll have lots of samples available to look at. And there will be a tempting 20% (or more) off everything for sale......

Hope to see you there :-)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Helen Foot

Charcoal / Lime cushion

Purple/Yellow cushion

'Glasgow' handwoven cashmere, lambswool & mohair

'London' handwoven cashmere, lambswool & mohair

Helen's wonderfully curated stand at Made By Hand, December 2011

Helen Foot is a recent RCA graduate who launched her first handwoven collection of seriously covetable scarves and cushions at Made by Hand in December. Exquisitely woven fabrics in various combinations of lambswool, cashmere and mohair are inviting to touch as well as the eye. Her composition of colourful stripes against more neutral backgrounds really appeal to me, and I'm looking forward with interest to seeing the new colourways and collections in the pipeline for 2012. Do also check out her blog to keep up to date with her latest news

At Made by Hand I also met Helen's brother Richard Foot, who in collaboration with Arron Fowler made this fabulous short film about the weaving process, featuring Helen of course. Enjoy......

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Helga Matos

'In search of something special'

'Lab One'

Designers Block exhibition 2011

Art Deco Collection
geometric wire weave

The above article by Denna Jones in the excellent Cover magazine drew Helga Matos to my attention. I love her quirky and bold approach to colour, structure and unconventional yarns choices. She clearly has a wonderful sense of fun and curiosity for constructing cloth which appeals to me no end. I look forward to seeing more of her work....

'Penelope' by Tatiana Blass

Its at times like these that I remember that my slight Facebook addiction is actually a postive thing ;-)  This jaw dropingly wonderful installation was 'shared' on Facebook today by a good weaver friend of mine and I can't thank her enough for bringing this to my attention.

'Penelope' is a recent installtion by Tatiana Blass which celebrates the act of weaving..... or is it unweaving? I read about the project on Trend Tablet by Lidewij Edelkoort and so I urge you to follow the link rather than I copy and paste the explanatory text. Of course, you must visit Tatiana Blass's website too........

Ptolemy Mann, Ruthin Craft Centre

There is a truly sumptuous feast for the eyes exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre which will be closing on the 15th January, so I urge you to go see this wonderful celebration of Ptolemy Mann's work in the primary gallery space whilst you can.

Ptolemy is one of the leading woven textile artists working in the UK at the moment, renowned for her ikat colour satuated artworks which adorn the walls of numerous public and private spaces. In recent times she has developed her signature style into digital prints which have opened up a whole new commercial avenue for her to exploit.  The exhibition presents these digital prints as fabric lengths, garments, furniture upholstery and cushions, alongside her handwoven ikats, and also her rug collaborations with Christopher Farr.  There are also some framed prints of her architectural colour facade designs.

Woven rugs on wall and floor - a collaboration with Christopher Farr

New hand dyed & handwoven ikats stretched over circular frames

I covet this sofa by Kristian Stringer upholstered in jacquard woven ikat effect fabric by Ptolemy

Detail of tufted rug
If you can't manage to visit Ruthin to see the show, you can order a catalogue direct from the gallery.

These pictures are all from Ptolemy's blog 'Significant Colour' which she started writing last year. Its a fantastic blog which I thoroughly recommend subscribing to.  She is generous in sharing her inspirations, preoccupations and thoughts about her all consuming passion for colour in all its guises.