Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Rita Parniczky

  The artwork exposed to direct sunlight emphasises the transparent vertical monofilament lines that are less visible than non-transparent rayon.  X-Ray Vault I, detail with sunlight, 2014, medum: nylon monofilament, rayon and iridescent threads, 155 x 68cm

-Ray Vault I, detail with sunlight, 2014, medum: nylon monofilament, rayon and iridescent threads, 155 x 68cm

Rita Parniczky is an exceptional weaver, who has developed an extraordinarily unique aesthetic and technique, that I'm pretty sure I've never seen before...... the holy grail for all creatives.

Entitled The X-Ray Series, Rita hand-weaves exquisite panels whereby warp threads distort and undulate from their expected vertical, linear path.  These poetic structures are emphasised by the choice of rayon, monofilament, and sometimes other metallic yarns.  Whilst they are wonderful to examine in any setting, they truly come alive when they interact with light, whether it be natural or artificial.

Rita rightly has an ever-growing list of accolades for this body of work, the latest being the prestigious Perrier-Jou√ęt Arts Salon which will be celebrated by a forthcoming solo exhibition at Contemporary Applied Arts, opening on June 24th 2016.

Rita is based at the brilliant Cockpit Arts Holburn studios, where she has received invaluable business support and mentoring from their in house advisors.  You can read a fantastic article about her story, and how she's been supported by Cockpit Arts here

And to conclude, a quote from the wonderful Richard Humphries

`In woven textile design most of what is seen has already been made before. But just once or twice in a generation there is a designer who immediately you can recognise as a person who has the loom craft, the inspiration, and the courage to push the boundaries of weave to a new and innovative level. Rita Parniczky is that talented exceptional designer who combines the meticulous attention to the detail and originality, which is revealed in her perfection on the loom.`
Richard J. Humphries MBE FRSA Upper Bailiff of The Worshipful Company of Weavers in 2016
 Detail of X-Ray Vault I calling attention to forms shaped by all vertical lines.
 Untitled, 2013, medium: nylon monofilament and cotton threads, 120cm x 90cm      
 Untitled, 2013, medium: nylon monofilament and rayon threads, 180 x 120cm
 X-Ray Towers, detail with natural light, 2012, medium: nylon monofilament, cotton and iridescent threads, 84 x 100cm