Friday, February 11, 2011

Mayrose Watson


Urban Landscape - detail

Urban Landscape series

Urban Landscape detail
 I love it when I'm forwarded links to interesting work! Thank you to my good friend Clare Bastable (weave lecturer at Birmingham City Uni) for sending me a link to Mayrose Watson a 2010 graduate of Chelsea College of Art and Design. She has a fabulous sensitivity to colour and is using structure in a wonderfully atypical way: these works feel really fresh. I'd be really interested to know what she's doing now...... if you're out there Mayrose get in touch!

In her own words from the Chelsea website: 'My current work is a collection of custom-made oak frames wrapped in overlapping and intersecting layers of viscose rayon yarn, chosen for its highly reflective properties.
The effect of light upon the work creates a constantly changing visual experience, encouraging viewers to look at each piece from numerous angles and distances.
The inspiration for this project derives from the observation of crossing, intersecting and layering of lines, colour and form in the urban landscape, and how their visual qualities are affected by the movement of the observer.'

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