Sunday, February 20, 2011

James Donald, Pick One

Under the brand name of Pick One, James Donald produces very covetable hand woven scarves inspired by the Scottish landscape. He is well known for his use of complex float structures which are woven in various kinds of wool. Once washed, the floats shrink causing interesting surface undulations which spark tactile curiosity. In recent times James has started to explore flatter double and triple cloth constructions, as exemplified by the first images. His blog records his latest interests in colour and mark masking, offering a fascinating insight into what feeds into his woven cloths.

You can buy his scarves from a large number of retailers, but if you find yourself in Edinburgh, you must visit Concrete Wardrobe, the shop/gallery which he co-founded with Fiona Mackintosh, to promote and sell the work of Scottish and Scotland-trained textile makers.

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