Thursday, December 16, 2010

Okinawa, Japan - Weaver with shuttle; 1960-70

Just had to share this wonderful evocative photograph I found on Flickr.  It's part of a set entitled Working Weavers, compiled to accompany the Anne Wilson project Wind / Rewind / Weave at Knoxville Museum of Art.

Credits as follows:

Okinawa, Japan - Weaver with shuttle; 1960-70

Okinawa, Japan

Weaver with shuttle; 1960-70

Tsune Sugimura. "Unknown Minsa weaver with shuttle, Taketomi island." Photograph. Suzuki, Hisao. Living Crafts of Okinawa. New York: John Weatherhill, Inc., 1973, 64.

Anne Wilson: Wind/Rewind/Weave
Knoxville Museum of Art

These photographs present a diversity of locations of working weavers from various countries and time periods. Libby O'Bryan was the primary researcher of images. Emily Nachison added images, color corrected, and formatted the images with text. Emily Nachison worked from this image bank to create the display in the exhibition. This compilation will continue to grow.

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