Saturday, December 4, 2010

Je vous en prie

I was very excited to learn about a brand new weave company called Je Vous En Prie, based here in the UK. After watching the countdown to their launch on Facebook, I was delighted to peruse their new website showcasing a very covetable range of graphic weave structures in fine silk, made into lampshades, cushions and doorstops.  A collaboration between weaver Fabienne Lecocq interior designer Jerome Barris, their collection, branding, and approach feels very fresh. I'm sure they're going to go far.

In their own words:

Je Vous En Prie specializes in designing and producing woven furnishing fabrics. Working alongside interior designers and private clients they design and produce bespoke fabrics for those who are looking for that unique fabric. The brand has now developed their own collection specializing in woven fabrics that have evolved into a range of luxury silk home accessories. JVEP are very proud to be 100% British in sourcing and supporting other British products to work in conjunction with their own woven fabrics. JVEP fabrics begin their life on the handloom in the studio, being carefully designed and constructed to create beautiful hand woven samples, which are then developed using the very best British Mills.

JVEP work with silk mills using the finest silk which gives our fabrics the luxurious touch. We currently sell on and have a growing number of followers of our blog We make and sell a variety of products: cushions, lampshades, lavender bags, doorstops, draft excluders, furniture and we hope to continually increase our interior collection. We also have a handwoven collection which will be launching next year along with some throws.

Why Je Vous En Prie? This question is asked to us on a near daily basis. It’s a polite French phrase, that has a number of meanings, that just came to us one day and works well with what we strive to be as a brand. We’re a French design duo, we want to infuse French design with British manufacturing, Je Vous En Prie has such a fantastic meaning and as we produce our interiors collection, it really truly is our pleasure!

Je Vous En Prie: ‘My pleasure, no problem, thank you’ 

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