Sunday, October 10, 2010

Melissa French @ Designers Block, London Design Festival

Whilst at Designers Block, I also went to check out the Puff & Flock Parlour.  Amongst all sorts of wonderful covetable goodies, I was pleased to see the Urban Upholstery Bench by Melissa French that I'd seen previously at the 2009 Designers Block.  Melissa has partially upholstered a garden bench in her jacquard woven fabric in steel and cotton yarns.  The bench has been living outdoors for the last year, so the transformation on the fabric is intriguing - rust marks are starting to appear on the edges, but the fabric is proving remarkably robust. A wonderful demonstration of an idea.... and beautiful too.


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  2. Hi there - thanks for your message. Of course I'm happy for you to link / bookmark / whatever to my blog! Many thanks, Laura