Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Action Weaver

The Action Weaver (also known as Travis Meinolf) is a weaver after my own heart. He's literally taking weaving to the streets, and spreading the word about the weave revolution :-)

He hit my radar earlier this year when I heard he was part of the Curious About Craft? programme of events organised by the inspirational Craftspace in Birmingham. He was then serendipitously on BBC Radio 4 Midweek with Libby Purves talking about his work, when I was driving to college one day. (I was thus a little late for my students, as I HAD to listen to all of his interview.)  I urge you to listen to the Radio 4 programme as its just wonderful to hear him talk about his philosophies and ambitions for the weave revolution. Likewise I'm not going to try and precis his elegant words about his work: just follow the link and enjoy.

Public weaving in Berlin 2010

Public weaving in Berlin 2010

ArtyFun at the apartment
Image shows one of his 'laser looms', a rather wonderful updated version of rigid heddle back strap weaving
ArtyFun at the apartment

Mauer Park 4th July 2010 public weaving

I absolutely LOVE what he's doing..... it's one of those projects that I wish I had thought of ;-)  However I think its effectiveness stems from the fact that he doesn't come from the usual textile background: its all about the performance and the 'art' of the process that maybe we overlook.

All pictures are from the Action Weaver Flickr photostream..... head on over to lose a couple of hours flicking through them all :-)


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